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Clear Choices Clean Water Website Launch

C3WThe MAAC has partnered with Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments (TMACOG), City of Toledo, Wood County, and all other members of the Stormwater Coalition to launch the Greater Toledo Lake Erie, Clear Choices Clean Water campaign and website.  The campaign aims to increase awareness about everyday choices that have an impact on our streams and lakes, provide suggestions on how to make better choices while keeping our waterways in mind, and hold citizens accountable by offering a pledge system. Within the larger campaign, there are four sub-topics for citizens to learn about and they include volunteer service, native plants and gardens, lawn fertilizer, and pet poo. The campaign also features a special section for kids, providing a Clean Water Superhero’s pledge, activities, and much more.  Partners for Clean Streams and the MAAC are proud supporters of this campaign as it is another avenue to engage the greater Toledo community in protecting local waterways and giving them easy, attainable actions to do so.  Explore the website and take a pledge today! 

The Maumee AOC Committee works toward fishable and swimmable waters in the Maumee Area of Concern and delisting the beneficial use impairments. The Committee is working towards all major restoration projects being completed by 2025, through collaboration of partners and volunteer opportunities by its facilitating organization, Partners for Clean Streams. The committee is made up of representatives from various organizations, citizens, businesses and non-government agencies to build long term solutions to the area’s water quality issues.