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AOC 101

In 1987, the Maumee Area of Concern was established following ordinances of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The US EPA and Ohio EPA determined the course of action necessary to improve water quality within the Maumee AOC. The Maumee RAP (Remedial Action Plan) Committee was thus formed through a collaborative effort between government agencies, businesses, citizens, and universities interested in addressing water quality issues within this area. Today, the committee has been reformed and renamed as the Maumee AOC Advisory Committee (MAAC) to improve the Beneficial Use Impairments (BUIs) of the AOC. This committee meets every other month to discuss problems, programs, and potential solutions to address the delisting of 9 BUIs the Maumee AOC program has been tasked with removing. Partners for Clean Streams serves as the facilitating organization for MAAC. If you are interested in improving water quality and ensuring fishable and swimmable water, be sure to attend the next MAAC meeting, which will be held in April and announced on

The Maumee AOC Committee works toward fishable and swimmable waters in the Maumee Area of Concern and delisting the beneficial use impairments. The Committee is working towards all major restoration projects being completed by 2025, through collaboration of partners and volunteer opportunities by its facilitating organization, Partners for Clean Streams. The committee is made up of representatives from various organizations, citizens, businesses and non-government agencies to build long term solutions to the area’s water quality issues.