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Project Highlight: Fox Property Restoration Unit

FoxUnit Friends

Primary BUI Addressed: BUI 14b: Loss of Wildlife Habitat

Project Location:

Fox Unit Property project adds to the network of complex ecosystems that provides critical wildlife habitat near Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge to enhance the coastal wetland corridor.  This 40-acre project is located directly across State Route 2 from the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Center. The property includes an 8-acre woodlot, which was maintained and enhanced and is the first project for the Friends of the ONWR group.

Project Benefits: 

This project increases critical wildlife habitat around the shores of Lake Erie.

  • Reestablish wetland and upland prairie
  • Provide habitat for wildlife

Project Objectives: 

  • Plant 3.7 acres of native short grass sedge meadow
  • Restore 15 acres of native short grass sedge meadow interspersed with scattered trees
  • Maintaining and enhancing 11 acres of forest

In 2020, the Fox Unit property was seeded with moist meadow and woodland sedge. This April the Fox Unit Property received a prescribed burn to facilitate the restoration process. An aerial video of the burn can be found here The project is scheduled to be completed by December 2021.

The Maumee AOC Committee works toward fishable and swimmable waters in the Maumee Area of Concern and delisting the beneficial use impairments. The Committee is working towards all major restoration projects being completed by 2025, through collaboration of partners and volunteer opportunities by its facilitating organization, Partners for Clean Streams. The committee is made up of representatives from various organizations, citizens, businesses and non-government agencies to build long term solutions to the area’s water quality issues.