2020 – In Review

2020 In reviewThe year 2020 has been a whirlwind of change in so many ways and on so many fronts, and the MAAC was no exception. Fortunately, it’s good news to report from our AOC and committee! Take a look at the list below for an overview of our accomplishments this year.

  • Management Action Projects
    • AquaMAPs – Project list recommended and approved
    • SedMAPs – Project list recommended and approved
    • WildMAPs – Project implementation progress/ some projects completed
  • Sampling Programs
    • BUI 8: Water samples were collected from the Ottawa River throughout the summer by a team from The Mannik & Smith Group in order to understand current water quality conditions as they relate to the potential for undesirable algal growth (aka eutrophication).
    • BUI 6: A crew from the US EPA Office of Research & Development conducted benthic macroinvertebrate sampling to help gauge the success of an upcoming sediment removal project along Otter Creek.
    • BUI 10: A sampling team from the USGS collected water samples from Wolf Creek & Berger Ditch to identify sources of bacterial contamination in the area near Maumee State Park.
  • Outreach