2023 Year In Review


  • BUI 11: Degradation of Aesthetics was removed.
  • Management Action Projects:
    • WildMAPs – All 20 of 20 projects are funded, and 18 projects are complete as of November 2023.
    • AquaMAPs – 32 of 35 AOC-funded projects are funded and 2 projects (and one partial project) are complete.
    • SedMAPs – 3 of 8 projects are fully funded, while the remaining 5 are partially funded. The 3 funded projects are completed as of November 2023.
  • The Maumee AOC website was completely redesigned. For the public, the new website focuses on providing accessible explanations of the sometimes-complicated AOC designation and delisting process. For MAAC members, the improved “Resources” page provides a searchable, tag-based database of past meeting materials, project reports, publications, and more. In the future, when all of our BUIs are removed and the Maumee AOC is delisted, this website will smoothly transition into a functional archive of past projects and reports.

Management Action Project Milestones

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and EPA Great Lakes hosted a public information session on the Sediment Management Action Project’s proposed plan to clean up contaminated sediment at two sites in the lower Maumee River.
  • Several Aquatic Management Action Projects held public information sessions this year to solicit feedback, including Metroparks Toledo’s Audubon Island restoration project, and the City of Toledo’s restoration projects at Collins Park and the Delaware Islands Complex.
  • One Wildlife Management Action Project held a public grand opening this year: Cedar Point National Wildlife Refuge’s Gradel Marsh coastal wetlands project.

Public Involvement and Outreach