Project Highlight: Otter Creek Sediment Removal Project

After 20 years of exOtter Creektensive investigations of Otter Creek sediment, stream conditions, and ecological conditions, we are excited to share that the Otter Creek Project started last month. This project aims to reduce potential harm from exposure to chemicals accumulated in the sediment by reducing PAH and DRO exposure to organisms and ultimately redu
cing associated toxicity. This project will remove 1.7 miles of contaminated sediments in the Lower Otter Creek and mouth of Otter Creek into Maumee Bay. Approximately 57,000 cubic yards of contaminated will be pumped into the Toledo-Lucas County Port Authority confined disposal facility, where it will remain indefinitely. 

A one-foot sand cover mixed with organic material will be placed in the creek after dredging to provide a barrier to any remaining residuals and a new surface for organisms to re-establish their populations. Some new habitat structures will also be placed along the lower mile of Otter Creek.

Check out our social media to see the project updates and videos from lead agencies.