Aquatic MAPs Funded and Underway

DMDS 5.0

Of 35 Aquatic MAP (management action plan) projects, 13 are fully funded, 13 have funding allocated, and 3 have funding pending allocation. Funding will be requested for 3 more projects in late May and a few more have future anticipated funding requests in 2023. Aquatic MAP projects focus on BUIs directly associated with water quality: BUI 3a (Degradation of Fish Populations), BUI 6 (Degradation of Benthos), and BUI 14a (Loss of Fish Habitat.)

Several of these projects achieved full funding late last year and are getting underway now. In this edition of our newsletter, we’ll take a closer look at an Aquatic MAP project that was funded in 2021 and is getting underway this year in the Maumee AOC.