BUI Workshop

BUIworkshopThe Maumee AOC Advisory Committee has been working diligently to develop a Management Action Plan (MAP) list and work continues for summer and fall of 2018. MAPs provide detailed projects, as well as a timeline for each action. On May 8th, the Maumee AOC Subcommittee on Aquatic Habitat and Species led a Management Action Identification Workshop focusing on the Ottawa River watershed and Lower Maumee River and Bay. This workshop was intended to produce a list of recommended management actions for specific impairments for funding under the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative in order to make strides towards removing several Beneficial Use Impairments that have been identified under the AOC program. Speakers at the Sub-Committee workshop described the causes of impaired status in each HUC-12 and identified specific actions that would eliminate impairment status within these areas. Presenters also highlighted present Maumee AOC Advisory Committee-recommended actions and experts in attendance provided guidance on the conditions in the rivers and suggestions for new projects, types of projects, and features of projects that would best target the necessary improvements for fish & macroinvertebrate habitat. This collaborative effort is necessary to address the removal of the remaining BUIs within the Maumee AOC and develop the most effective management action plans to remove them in a timely and efficient manner.