Title Content Type Date HUC-10 Watersheds BUIs MAPs Format Download/Open
Feburary 2023 AquaMAP WildMAP and SedMAP Status Tracking Tables MAP List, Program Documents Feb-01-2023 AquaMAP, SedMAP, WildMAP PDF
2023-24 MAAC Application Form Program Documents Nov-01-2022 PDF
BUI-1-Removal-Acceptance-Letter-US-EPA- 8-31-22 BUI Removal, Program Documents Aug-31-2022 Ottawa River - Frontal Lake Erie Ottawa River BUI 01: Restrictions on Fish and Wildlife Consumption PDF
BUI-1-Removal-Recommendations-with-OhioEPA-Letter-8-24-22 BUI Removal, Program Documents Aug-24-2022 Ottawa River - Frontal Lake Erie Ottawa River BUI 01: Restrictions on Fish and Wildlife Consumption PDF
2021-Final-Management-Action-List-Acceptance-and-Submission-Letters Program Documents Jan-08-2021 AquaMAP, SedMAP, WildMAP PDF
Delisting-Guidance-Restoration-Targets-for-Ohio’s-AOCs-v4-August2020 Program Documents Aug-01-2020 PDF
Delisting-Guidance-Restoration-Targets-for-Ohio’s-AOCs-v3-December2017 Program Documents Dec-01-2017 PDF
Delisting-Guidance-Restoration-Targets-for-Ohio’s-AOCs-v2-January2016 Program Documents Jan-01-2016 PDF
BUI-12-Removal-Acceptance-Letter-US-EPA-9-23-15 Program Documents Sep-23-2015 BUI 12: Added Costs to Agriculture or Industry PDF
BUI-12-Removal-Recommendations-with-OhioEPA-Letter-9-16-15 Program Documents Sep-16-2015 PDF
MAAC Operating Procedures 2015 Program Documents Feb-27-2015 PDF
AOC Program Framework v2.0-FINAL-10-23-14 Program Documents Oct-23-2014 PDF
AOC Program Framework v1.0-FINAL-8-4-14 Program Documents Aug-04-2014 PDF
Delisting-Guidance-Restoration-Targets-for-Ohio’s-AOCs-Revision-May2014 Program Documents May-01-2014 PDF
2010-MaumeeAOC-Boundary-Change-Acceptance-and-Request-Letters Program Documents Jul-20-2010 PDF
Framework for Implementing Ohios Area of Concern Program Dec. 2018 v 3.0 Program Documents Dec-01-2008 PDF
Delisting-Guidance-Restoration-Targets-for-Ohio’s-AOCs-Revision-December2008 Program Documents Dec-01-2008 PDF
Maumee-AOC-Project-Prioritization-Matrix-1-22-07 Program Documents Jan-22-2007 PDF
Maumee-RAP-Organization-Self-Evaluation-1-12-07 Program Documents Jan-12-2007 PDF
MaumeeAOC-Stage2-WatershedRestorationPlan-Volumes-1-2 Program Documents Jan-20-2006 BUI 01: Restrictions on Fish and Wildlife Consumption, BUI 03: Degradation of Fish and Wildlife Populations, BUI 04: Fish Tumors or Other Deformities, BUI 06: Degradation of Benthos, BUI 07: Restrictions on Dredging Activities, BUI 08: Eutrophication or Undesirable Algae, BUI 10: Beach Closings, BUI 11: Degradation of Aesthetics, BUI 12: Added Costs to Agriculture or Industry, BUI 14: Loss of Fish and Wildlife Habitat PDF