Toledo Public Schools Students Help with Hill Ditch Restoration Project

The Hill Ditch Restoration at Toledo Natural Science Technology Center project is nearly complete! These efforts focused on creating instream and floodplain habitat for fish and benthos by stabilizing streambanks against erosion, targeting BUI 6 and BUI 14a.

This site is utilized by Toledo Public Schools and their Natural Science Technology Center (NSTC) as an outdoor lab for their students. On March 25, 2024, the students of the NSTC took part in a live stake harvesting event where they collected over 500 willow and dogwood stakes. The stakes were then installed on March 28th at the project site. These stakes will aid in the stabilization of the bank and create improved habitat for the aquatic species that live in this stream.

April showers have put the new additions and restoration efforts to the test, but everything is holding up well! Outdoor lab activities conducted by the school have been able to take place again, and the NSCT students are able to see their hard work in action.