BUI 11 Removal Package Recommended for Approval

An photo of Blue Grass Island channel on the Maumee River.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission and Ohio EPA are recommending the removal of BUI 11, Degradation of Aesthetics, in the Maumee Area of Concern. At the May MAAC meeting, the Committee will be asked for concurrence with the recommendation before it moves to US EPA and the International Joint Commission for approval. A public comment period will take place in May, so watch Maumee AOC social media for an announcement.

The Ohio Lake Erie Commission and Ohio EPA made this recommendation because the conditions in previously impaired Maumee AOC waterways now meet restoration criteria. This means that the Maumee AOC has addressed previously observed ongoing occurrences of sludge deposits, oil sheens, scum and other objectionable materials; specifically, materials that produce color, odor, or other nuisances.

BUI 11 is the third beneficial use impairment to be recommended for removal among the initial 10 BUIs identified as impaired in the Maumee AOC. The first was BUI 1: Added Costs to Agriculture or Industry (removed in 2015) and the second was BUI 1: Restrictions on Fish and Wildlife Consumption (removed in 2022.)