Improved DMDS 3.0 Launched

DMDS 30The DMDS feature has been updated recently and DMDS 3.0 has officially been launched.  This new version increases functionality and ease for both admins and users.   DMDS 3.0 features several upgrades that give users more current and comprehensive information about Maumee AOC projects.  Click here to visit the new and improved DMDS web page.


New features include:

  • improved mapping tools
    • separates current samples from past sample points
  • improved BUI Charts tools
    • provide pop-up display box summarizing supplemental information used for generating progress percentage for each metric measured within a watershed
  • new Fact Sheets
    • generated by the admins for summarizing BUI impairments by HUC or all BUI impairments within a specific HUC
  • access to Project Summaries
    • can be printed as PDFs
    • links to specific projects